A Social Media Marketing Strategy

My business partner is in charge of our online sales while I take care of our brick and mortar sales. We do help each other out, but we both realize that we each excel in certain areas, so it works for us. However, when she told me she wanted us to buy real Instagram followers, I told her absolutely not. I had heard of companies that sell social media followers, and from what I could tell, all of the followers were obvious bots. She told me to calm down, that she had done her homework on this.

I actually felt a bit embarrassed over that, because she is really good at what she does. I should have known that she would not have fallen so easily for a scam. I put on my listening ears, and I realized just how wrong I was. The company that she wanted to use does not sell hundreds of thousands of users for a few bucks. This one does not use bots at all. They only use real followers, which means there is actually a person behind a screen for every actual follower that we would be purchasing. Continue reading


I Am Going to New Rochelle

I am on the train now, although I had some difficulty getting on board it. My knee has been giving me problems for some time and my regular doctor tells me that it is just not healing up as quickly as I would like for it to do it. At any rate my doctor suggested that I try to get PRP treatment in New Rochelle, NY. In fact I had heard about this stuff some time ago, because I was a fan of one of the teams that was foolish enough to trade for Andrew Bynum after he left the Los Angeles Lakers and never was sound again. Continue reading


A New Treatment for My Leg

I have always been a sucker for love. I would always try my best to woo the apple of my eye. I think that at times, I tend to go overboard with my habit. Once, I tried to impress a girl named Brenda that I liked. I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. I knew that I had to make her my girlfriend. One day at school, I tried to do a trick with my skateboard. I fell and hurt my knee. I needed prp therapy in New Rochelle NY. My leg was in terrible shape.

I first met Brenda in college. She was a transfer student from California. She had the coolest accent. One day, she walked into the school cafeteria during lunch. Continue reading